• We paved the road to a successful distribution story by professional experience with the multinational company Henkel.
    HENKEL Read more
  • We have expanded the portfolio with the products of the world leader in the Wine and Spirits industry - the French company Pernod Ricard
    PERNOD RICARD Read more
  • Leading manufacturer of perfumes and perfumed waters in Europe
    LA RIVE Read more
  • Leading cosmetic brand on the Balkan region - the Slovenian cosmetics Afrodita
  • A brand with a long tradition in the Balkans, the newest member of the French company Nec + Ultra Cosmetic
    SOLEA Read more
  • Born in the heart of Brooklyn, AriZona® has grown into a leading ice tea brand, synonymous with quality, value and fun
    ARIZONA Read more
  • Salt with excellent purity, sourced from the Greek seas
    XION Read more
  • Hollywood's favorite hair brand, the most used brand by Stylists in movie sets and TV shows
    HASK Read more
  • The famous international tobacco brand is present in more than 40 countries in the world
    STANLEY Read more
  • Historic Italian tobacco brand Toscanello
    TOSCANO Read more
  • Family owned since 1905, Fentimans has a uniqe recipe for production of botanically brewed drinks with superior quality and unsurpassed flavour
    FENTIMANS Read more
  • Sante is a family company, an expert in the market of healthy foods in Poland and worldwide
    SANTE Read more
  • Coppa Cocktails is an award winning premixed, ready to drink, cocktail range concept. Just add ice and dress with some fresh fruit. Be your own bartender!
    Coppa Cocktails Read more
  • Pro Vape SIA is one of the largest premium disposable E-cigarettes and E-liquid manufacturers in Eastern Europe, as well as of the new e-cigarettes generation Salt Switch and Salt Switch Zero.
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